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A whole bathing holiday
in a single day!
Køge Swimworld has many activities for both children and adults, in and out of the water. Leave your things in the changing room lockers and enjoy yourself for as long as you want. There is lots
to do for anyone who loves exercise and water.

Swimming pools and water activities for everyone
Swimming pool (25 metres long) - for serious swimming as well as for relaxing. Fun pool with various water toys - for playing, splashing around and learning to swim. Diving pool (4 metres deep) - with diving boards (1, 3 and 5 metres) and a 4.5 metre climbing wall.
Baby pool (90 cm deep and 33° C warm) - for our youngest visitors and their parents. Whirlpool (37° C warm water) - a relief for sore muscles. Water slide (60 metres long) - join the fun…

Showers and sauna The cleaner you are, the cleaner we are able to keep the water. Enjoy a refreshing shower and wash before you dive into the pools. And after you’ve been swimming it’s nice to rinse off any chlorine which might otherwise irritate your skin and eyes. You can use the saunas before, during or after your swim or exercises - to warm up; to really sweat, or just to relax.

Café When you need a drink or a sandwich during your visit, you'll find that our café offers a variety of food and beverages.