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Exercise and fitness
at Køge Swimworld

Fitness Centre If you enjoy exercise apart from swimming you can visit our well-equipped Fitness Centre, which offers a wide range of equipment for both weight training and fitness training. 


Minimum age is 15 years.


Please phone us at 5667 2777 to book a test lesson.

NB! Admission to the Fitness Centre also gives you access to the swimming arena.


Massage Have your muscles worked thoroughly by our trained physiotherapists.


Water gymnastics A gentle alternative form of exercise at Køge Swimworld which takes place several times during the week. It doesn’t cost more than the standard admission charge to the Swimming Baths.


New activity: Baby swimming 30-minute swimming lessons for babies and toddlers aged 6-36 months, provided by a trained instructor. Prior registration is required. The standard swimming bath admission charge is payable at each visit.


We also offer: Wellness and diving.


For further information please phone us at 5667 2777.